About Us

Mybarinabox has come about after 15 years of working in France.

Why did we not do this before? Too busy selling to all the fine bars and pubs all over France.

We have been approached over the last two years by numerous brand owners to try and sell their goods in France. We didnt have the right platform to so until now.

Our company Direct Distribution has been importing and distributing Irish, British and even Australian products in France since 2006. Due to the lack of bars and pubs being open, Brexit and worst of all shortage of goods in Marks and Sparks and Amazon, we decided we would try selling directly to the public.

This being France it happened fairly quickly. Only six short months later we were able to finally go on line and sell directly to the French public.

We are also very excited about being one of the first companies in France to be able to sell Hard Seltzers to the public.

Alcoholic water that is low fat, low suger , low alcohol and tastes delicious. We do live in the future.

Thank you for visiting our page and please email us with any ideas for products you would like us to stock.